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Formatting - editAura
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Formatting Services

Format your documents and other outputs and transform them into visually appealing, easy to follow,  outputs that match and exceed requirements of your chosen publication outlet. Proper formating is also used to create automated lists, such as tables of contents, figures, or tables, as well as other helpful features that ensure consistency of the hiegst level possible.

While working on your manuscripts, we could consider specific requirements, such as:

editAura helps you ensure visual consistency and comply with journal-specific demands by formatting your texts according to specified requirements and author guidelines demanded by your journal of choice.
editAura’s formatting proficiency helps you achieve your layout requirements in the easiest and quickest way possible. Texts are typically written in word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, while layout is usually best achieved by designated software such as Adobe InDesign. Each is best suited for its designated use and makes it difficult to control other elements in a fine and accurate manner. When importing your texts from word processing software into graphic layout software, you can save much time and effort by controlling all major visual elements in the word processing software. The graphic software then assumes all of your customized formatting characteristics, leaving your layout professional with minimum work, focusing specifically on the delicacies of the layout puzzle. While editAura can handle the entire process for you, in cases where you’re using a different professional for handling your layout, we recommend that you use our layout designated formatting to save time and money in properly laying out your documents.
Working files and presentations, executive summaries, grant applications, and other documents should all look appealing and easy to follow. editAura helps you achieve consistent and appealing formatting that facilitates orientation and emphasizes your core message.


Formatting is included free of charge in our Proactive Scientific Editing.

Independent complimentary services that can be requested separately:

  • Either one of our editing packages: proactive scientific editing, contextual editing, linguistic editing
  • Reference citation and bibliography management (using an EndNote library) ensuring 100% equivalence between citations and reference list as well as consistent, journal-ready formatting and full bibliographic information
  • Creation of infographics and preparation of publish-ready artwork
  • Translation into English of scientific manuscripts
  • Overall manuscript evaluation
  • Consulting services, including: review of comments your submitted work has received, optimal design and structure of your work to best convey your core messages, potential infographics and artwork that will simplify the understanding of your research ideas and conclusions, assessment of quotes or work samples you have received from various professionals

We are acutely aware of your confidentiality requirements. See our terms and policies.